14 September 2008

The High Price of Street Cred

It's hard out there for a pimp.

How's a brother supposed to get his name all huge out there in this modern era? I mean, when you play that gangta game, cleaning up city parks or teaching kids to rear is not going to make you supabad, know what I'm sayin'?

You gots to be notorious. You gots to make headlines in other ways:
A Minneapolis rapper who goes by the stage name "Explosive" bound the mother of his child with a telephone cord in her Burnsville apartment, told her "he loved the smell of burnt flesh" and then burned a cheek, her back and arms with a red-hot spoon, according to criminal charges.
That's what you have to do; show the world how tough you are. How you won't take no lip from no woman.

Milton T. Brasson, 27, was in the Dakota County jail Friday, charged with second-degree assault, domestic assault by strangulation and false imprisonment. His brother, Aaron D. Brasson, 22, was also jailed, charged with aiding and abetting second-degree assault for allegedly helping to tie up the woman and heating the spoon over the stove, and aiding and abetting a terroristic threat.
Not only is Brasson an unemployed loser, a crappy father and deranged sicko, he's also a sissy of extraordinary magnitude. You need your kid brother to help you beat up a woman, tough guy? Wow; what a pansy.

Chris Johnson, an audio and video producer for Twin Cities-based Shakademic Productions, recently produced a video for Brasson. He said Brasson has been trying to make it as a rapper for about five years.
The only sounds I want to hear from the Brasson sissies are the noises they make locked in a box with a dozen hungry Honey Badgers.

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flamer said...

Honey Badgers loooove eating pansies.