24 September 2008

We Want Free Heathcare

Just like they have in Canada:
The head of the medical clinic that sent a Winnipeg man to the Health Sciences Centre emergency room, where he was found dead 34 hours after he arrived, says her clinic is not to blame.
Socialism means never having to say you're sorry.

"I hope that his death wasn't a death resulting from poor care. And if it is, I hope it will help us to do better," (Dr. Diana Bennett) said.
I wonder if the dead guy hopes his death will help them do better. Ah yes, it's always the system that fails, never the individual.

In 2000, Robert Collicott died of a blood infection before he got to see a doctor; he had been sitting in the HSC waiting area for 4½ hours. In 2001, Herman Rogalsky, 58, died in a waiting room at the Health Sciences Centre while waiting for an ultrasound. In 2003, Dorothy Madden, 74, died of a heart attack in the waiting room of St. Boniface Hospital's emergency ward, after a six-hour wait. In 2004, after a 20-year-old a woman shared her story about miscarrying after a four-hour wait at the Health Sciences Centre emergency room, nearly a dozen other women reported similar stories.
That's it; I totally want the government to get into health resource rationing.
Health Minister Theresa Oswald noted that the addition of reassessment nurses to emergency wards did not address the problem of people who don't present themselves to the triage desk in an emergency room, as appears to have happened
in Sinclair's case.
Blame the patient - that's the blanket defense of the bureaucracy.

Manitoba Health has asked emergency rooms to make changes to prevent anyone else from falling through the cracks in a similar way, she said. "We did that yesterday … to ensure that every person is spoken to in the waiting room, just to say, you know, 'Hello, have you seen the triage nurse? Have you spoken to someone and registered?'" she said Wednesday morning.
Wow, good thinking; nice to get around to that.

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