28 September 2008

Please Don't Kane Kimi Raikkonen

I'm watching the Grand Prix of Singapore live on SpeedTV, F1's first ever nighttime race. Very cool under the lights and SpeedTV is actually banging it down in HD.

After leaving the pits, Renault's Fernando Alonso pulled off a helmet visor tear-off and let it sail over his shoulder, just as you'd see at any race of open-cockpit cars.

Noticing this, Bob Varsha pointed out that each racing team has recieved a special dispensation for the race weekend insulating them from Sinapore's uber-strict littering laws.

(C)ity authorities will waive their escalating fines for littering (£192-384 for the first offence; £768 and a corrective work order for a second offence) when it comes to the F1 drivers' tear-off visors - at least five of which tend to be used in a race.
More here:
Laws got tougher in 1987, with higher minimum fines, and again in 1992, with the work-order program, which has offenders pick up trash for no pay or else face a $5,000 fine. "Work is to be done under the full glare of publicity as otherwise the deterrent effect would be lost," says Maggie Chia, a customer- service worker with the country's National Environment Agency.
UPDATE: Raikkonen just stuffed into the water barrier coming out of turn 10 which ends Scuderia Ferrari's 46-race streak of finishing with at least one car in the points.

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