14 September 2008

Sitemeter - Where Have I Seen This Before?

I guess you get what you pay for.

So they revamped and improved Site Meter -into something unrecognizeable, (so far) unuseable and as of this writing, not even functioing. They've got a day or two to get their act together until I join the ranks of those who are unhappy to say the least:

The Other McCain:
Just got my first look at the new format for SiteMeter statistics. It sucks, big-time.Like Windows Vista, is how bad it sucks.

The Reference Frame:
(L)et me finish because there are many other problems that make the new system
virtually unusable. The creators of the new system probably like Flash (and for many purposes, I also think that Flash is simply great) but what I simply don't understand is why the owners of SiteMeter.com allowed a change that manifestly makes things worse from a user's viewpoint.

Right Wing News:
You can leave the old Sitemeter code as is. It will work fine as is. But, if you want the hit count to show, there is another piece of code you have to add to your site. Under Site Settings, look for Counter Code. Add it. But, if you just have that on your site, the numbers will not change. You must have the regular Sitemeter code, too.

The Anchoress:
I agree with everything Ann Althouse says. Unusable. And I loved it the old way. Awful. I’ll have to find a new product. Anyone have suggestions?

Ann Althouse (from whom I discovered wht mine was screwy):
This is the worst non-improvement of a website I've ever seen. "Seen" is an exaggeration. I feel like I can't even can't see the new charts. It is ugly and unreadable. The statistics were once so clear and sharply presented, featuring the information that was most useful to the blogger.I was willing to pay $30 a month for the premium service. Now, premium service is only $6.95 a month, but I'll probably drop it, because I never want to lay eyes on that horrible website again.Are they trying to be more like Google Analytics? I've never spent much time on Google Analytics and have always thought it was for businesses that are not bloggers. What is the point of SiteMeter now?Everything I loved about SiteMeter -- and you can click on the SiteMeter tag to read how I've adored it -- is gone.Ugh!I'm throwing away my most-clicked-on bookmark.

And so goes the interweb . . .

UPDATE: They seem to have gotten the message. Let's see how they fish their car keys outa the toilet on this one.

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