15 September 2008

A Window to the Fever Swamp

The consequnces of feeding at the trough of legacy media:

"I had become complacent," she said. "I thought the election was in the bag. Then, all of a sudden, we've got this big fight on our hands."
What? It's not all wrapped up? I thought they had Hope™ for Change™!
"I'm very worried because we've seen this movie before," said Robert Spurrier, a teacher. "The Republican attack machine shifts the election away from issues and
turns it into a battle of personalities."
Is that the same attack machine that's harpooning Governor Palin from Anchorage to Hollywood to Manhattan?

"You want to know the honest truth? I think she's like a bad actor from a B-list sex movie," said Paula Vanbuskirk, an Obama-supporting independent, whose contempt for the Alaska governor and self-styled "hockey mom" was shared by almost everyone questioned by the Financial Times.
This goes directly to Ann Althouse's comment on Cathy Young's coumn; that they won't let be a feminist unless you vote for all that lefty dogma:

But in recent years, feminism has been dominated by Democratic Party devotees who act like they own feminism, as if theirs was the only feminism -- as if they could dictate that all women should vote Democratic.
But wait; there's more.

"I just do not trust the American people," said Eleanor Shavell, 58, a computer programmer who, along with several others, joked she would move to Canada if Mr
Obama loses. "I cannot believe that 80 per cent of this country thinks we're headed in the wrong direction yet 50 per cent are supporting McCain and Palin. I guess it's like at school: there's always got to be a bottom 50 per cent."
There you go, America - Only Obama and his Army of Smug can save the nation from your stupidity and rural ignorance.

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