27 September 2008

Demonstrable Supidity

First, from the Holy Messiah:
Watch the Obama ad (in link) blasting McCain for owning three foreign vehicles: a Lexus, a VW and a Honda (identified in the Detroit Free Press as a "2001 Honda sedan"). If it's a 2001 Honda Civic, it was built in East Liberty, Ohio, with higher domestic content (75%) than the Ford Escort (60%).
And second, from the back-up QB:
CBS News was with (Biden) last Thursday during one of the rockiest weeks in history for the U.S. economy, something that wasn't lost on the six-term senator. "Part of what being a leader does is to instill confidence is to demonstrate what he or she knows what they are talking about and to communicating to people ... this is how we can fix this," Biden said. "When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed. He said, 'look, here's what happened.'"
Franklin Roosevelt? 1929? Television? Wow.

Biden went on to tell the story of a time in 1950 when he watched a DVD of Seattle Mariners Highlights . . .

UPDATE: In the WaPo, some moron from the UAW harpoons McCain for having three of them "foreign cars" in his fleet:
UAW President Ron Gettelfinger, in a conference call organized by the Democratic party, blasted McCain on Sunday for not being truthful with voters. "When he's in the midwest, he tells voters he supports the industry," Gettelfinger told reporters. "That's really a nice campaign line. But it turns out that John McCain wasn't being straight with the people of Detroit."
What Gettlefinger is too stupid to compute is that, as a spokestool for Obama, he's going after McCain for owning at least six American cars, when his pro-labor messiah, Obama, owns one American car. NOW who's "doing more for the American autoworker," you mouth-breathinhg idiot?

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