15 September 2007

Subhuman Savages

They're out there:
Loesch was found barely breathing on a front lawn about 7 a.m. Thursday. He was dead by the time paramedics arrived. Police say the 41-year-old father of four is the city's 35th homicide victim this year. He died from "severe trauma." His bike was found nearby. So far there is no explanation for what happened to him.
That's stupid on the part of the reporter. Of course there's an explanation of what happened to him. He was attacked by subhuman savages. That's right; they're out there, and they're out there because the society we've built permits them to run free.
The incident has upset residents of the block where Loesch's body was found. On Thursday afternoon, City Council Member Elizabeth Glidden was knocking on doors, asking residents if they saw or heard anything and to help provide police. "I'm so angry and shocked at this horrible violence in our community," Glidden said Friday. "In one sense it leaves me both at a loss for words and at the same time saying we must seek action."
Oh yea, Glidden; I can't wait to see the pending inaction from you, the rest of the council and the boy mayor who have collectively incubated the zoo that is Minneapolis.

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