20 September 2007

Not Teaching Geography in Canada

Someone get Mayor Francis on the clue trian:
Over the past three weeks, 45 families and 31 individuals -- approximately 200 people -- entered Canada at the Detroit River crossings and applied in Windsor for shelter and social assistance after filing refugee claims with the Canada Border Services Agency.

"I don't believe that Windsor's residents and taxpayers should have to foot the bill for U.S. immigration policy," (Windsor Mayor Eddie) Francis told The Star.
Hey, dumbass; these aren't Americans, they're Mexicans. They're in YOUR country. Looks like YOU have the immigration policy problem.

"The fact someone wants to come here for better economic opportunity or a better quality of life ... that's no basis for a successful refugee claim," said Immigration Refugee Board (IRB) spokesman Charles Hawkins.
Wow. Welcome to North America, Canada. Not so funny when it's YOUR back yard is it?

"This is a problem the U.S. has allowed to create. It's really unfair for Canada to have to face this," said MP Joe Comartin (NDP -- Windsor-Tecumseh), his Party's public safety and national security critic.
If it's so unfair for Canada, then DON'T LET THEM IN. Some people really can't face that the United States is not the cause of all their ills.

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