03 September 2007

Beer Update

Needing to fatten up my shoe closet (and against my better judgement), I went to BigMall today. Further against my food-snob nature, Mrs. Octane and I went to Tucci Benucch for an early dinner; antipasti for me and goat cheese pizza for her. The wine list didn't rev me much, so I hoped for an interesting beer.

The beer selection was classic shopping mall and right below the Peroni was Moretti La Rossa. Moretti is made in Bergamo by Heineken, so it must have something going for it. The color and aroma were not unlike Dos Equis Amber, but it turned out to be sweeter than I expected. It reminded me of like Newcastle Brown Ale, but even more carmel-y. Turns out La Rossa is a double bock, which isn't exactly my dance, but it seemed well made and Mrs. OctaneBoy really liked it, but that didn't mean I got her Chianti.

Beer - my kinda adventure.

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