07 September 2007

Door Slammed on Phyllis Kahn

and all the other crybabies wholive on Nicollet Island and don't want to admit that where they are isn't theirs.

Various writers have raised certain historical issues regarding Nicollet Island and a proposal by DeLaSalle High School to build a small football/soccer field.

City residents tried to stop park improvements and construction of neighborhood community centers and to prevent changes in traffic and parkway design, as well as biking and jogging paths, at Lake Nokomis, Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles. These improvements, now considered jewels of the Minneapolis park system, were subject to lawsuits and other delaying tactics being used now by Nicollet Island residents. Then, as now, the residents did not want the public in their back yards.

I believe that current city and park officials should correct the serious mistake of their predecessors who allowed these private inholdings. They must take action to acquire and remove the homes from public parkland north of the railroad tracks on Nicollet Island.

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