06 September 2007

Just Get Out

I thought I could leave this one for the rest of the world but . . . there's some mumbling on the public airwaves about Larry Craig thinking he might try to get his guilty plea reversed and hold onto his precious senate seat.

Larry Craig is a coward and a fink for trying to use/abuse his authority to get out of a mess he made for himself, and he's clearly stupid to plead guilty (without advice of council) to anything he thinks he didn't do.

So get out Larry; disappear and pray you can concoct some other legacy than the one you've hung around your own neck. That being said, 95% of the rest of Americans who love to wag their fingers at this clown as it he's a Nazi war criminal had better get bright for once and consider the following things Larry Craig has not done, but have been going on session after session after session:

(1) Violating their oath to uphold the Constitution, by voting for legislation they believe to be unconstitutional, but arguing that they will let the courts sort it out.

(2) Voting to delegate massive legislative power to the executive branch, so they can claim credit for the feel-good nature of vague but popular legislation, while blaming the executive for its actual implementation.

(3) Voting for legislation that neither they nor any of their staff have read in its entirety, if at all.

(4) Providing costly earmarks in legislation to campaign contributors and local interests (in violation of Congress's constitutional duty to tax and spend only for the "general welfare").

(5) Accepting various forms of low-level graft that fly under the ethics radar, such as use of campaign donors' vacation homes and airplanes, family vacations disguised as fact-finding trips, spouses employed at inflated salaries by friendly interest groups, etc.

(6) General demagoguery, e.g., Democratic members anytime Medicare or Social Security reform comes up, and Republican members on federalizing criminal law, the War on Terror, flagburning, etc.

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