25 September 2007

A Preview of Our Future

The do-gooders, diversity worshipers and other politically correct cowards continue to become the establishment. If we allow them to run unchecked, we can soon expect this tale of today's England to become our reality, and displace the culture we know and cherish.
(A) non-practising Muslim known as Patient A, told the hearing that Dr Butt said she would have to find another dentist because she would not wear the headscarf during treatment. "Her response was she looked at me with a smile and said 'Oh, that's strange'."

He said it was "unlawful" for him, as a Muslim, to look at a Muslim woman who was not properly covered up. He told the hearing: "If she was to adhere to my request, it makes me feel more comfortable.

Dr Butt told the committee that the Islamic ethos of his surgery was a "marketing tool". He said: "If they are prepared to wear the headscarf, I am willing to reduce the fee or completely waive the fee."
Just wait until the 2008 Democratic nominee promises "free" government heath care for everyone, and under a sad twist of freedom of religion, we, too, can be backed into another's faith just by going to the doctor.

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