12 September 2007

Rollin' with the 1920s

The best non-fiction out there:
Soon we met up with a group of 1920s men; I counted 19. They were outfitted with AKs and ammo pouches. Most did not want their photos taken, but this man wanted everyone to see, and he threw his arm around one of our soldiers and pointed to my camera. Our guys do not trust the 1920s, but the relationship is working when it comes to killing al Qaeda and reconstruction in Baqubah. Al Qaeda only knows how to kill and intimidate. 1920s are concerned about water projects and so forth, and they help with more than fighting. Their goals include returning Baqubah back into civilization.
Just another of the many tales of what's going on that you'll never hear from head-in-the-sand congresspeople who make up their minds about what to say about the situation before they get there.

Or before they hear the testimony.

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