04 May 2006

What Price Quality of Life?

What makes Minnesota a magical place? Is it our magnificent variety of natural environs? Is it our public education system whose results are consistently top of the heap? It it our slavish worship of anyone remotely famous who spends 10 minutes in our fair state?

No, it's the fact that we're on the bring of having a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT THAT FUNDS PUBLIC FREAKING BROADCASTING.

Section 1 [Constitutional Amendment] provides the language for a constitutional amendment increasing the sales and use tax rate by 3/8 of one percent on taxable sales for 25 years beginning on July 1, 2007. The money will be appropriated by law and is dedicated as follows:

(1) 34 percent in the Heritage Enhancement Fund for improvement, enhancement, and protection of the state's fish, wildlife, habitat, and fish and wildlife tourism;
(2) 22 percent in the Parks and Trails Fund for parks, trails, and zoos;
(3) 22 percent in the Clean Water Fund for protection and restoration of lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, and groundwater; and
(4) 22 percent in the Arts, Humanities, Museum, and Public Broadcasting Fund.

There are currently people in this region who are bleeding out of their eyes because there might be a public dollar thrown at a baseball stadium. Every one of these hypocrites were silent when we poured public money into Sir Tyrone Guthrie's new theater, the revamped Walker Art Center, moving the Schubert Theater 2 blocks down the street, the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, the Science Museum of Minnesota I COULD GO ON . . .

My God, if the whole gang at the capitol weren't such rubes, one might think they were filthy crooks. Please, please, please, most glorious and wise state legislature, take my money and make sure it all gets directly into the pocket of Bill Kling!


lefty said...

Actually, it wouldn't. That language is for all the public broadcasting in the state except for MPR. Bill Kling is actually against it. Funny, huh? For that matter, hard coding money into certain agencies is kinda short sighted, I think. And that's coming from way over yonder in the Coleman camp.

OctaneBoy said...

Hold yer horses there my Lefty pal, Kling IS in favor of MPR benefiting from this amendment. There are parallel bills in the House and Senate, one feathers Minnesota Public Radio's nest, the other does not. Kling definately wants his taste.

"Kling has been on the air frequently in the past few days, urging MPR listeners to get involved in the debate. Kling says MPR could use dedicated state funding to expand its broadcast service with new transmitters. Despite the governor's assessment, Kling isn't apologizing for MPR's success.

"Look at the new Guthrie, the new Walker Art Center, the new Art Institute, the orchestras," Kling said. "That's what you want to support. You don't want to support failure. You want to support success. You want to make sure that the quality of life of this state, which that bill is all about, is maintained for long term and for future generation."