13 May 2006

Déjà Vecu - The Already Experienced

Liverpool - 2006 FA Cup Champions

Today's resemblence to the 2005 Champions League final last year in Istanbul was frightening. Down a by a frustrating few goals early, a reamrkable comeback spurred by the captain, a scoreless extra-time with near-misses on both sides, and a shootout punctuated by mercurial goalkeeping; Jerzey Dudek in Turkey, Jose Reina today in Wales.

Kudos to Alan Pardew and West Ham United for a great effort. They were the underdog, but pushed the Reds to the limit. It'll be one to buy on DVD when they spit out an NTSC version.

More from Alan Hansen:
Great players give you something extra when you are down and out and dead and buried and boy did Gerrard give Liverpool something extra. Liverpool were a beaten side when the ball bounced out to him in the 90th minute of normal time, but it was a quite magnificent strike that beat Shaka Hislop and sent the game into extra time. Gerrard is a man who doesn't know when he's beaten and he just scored an unbelieveable goal.

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