18 May 2006

Welcome to Heathrow; Everyone Make Room

"Give me 40 acres and I'll turn this rig around" - Red Simpson
Bigger than a jumbo jet, the future of air travel flew into Britain yesterday, showing off its gigantic proportions and prompting concern about its impact on climate change. The product of a grand European alliance, the Airbus A380, touched down at a specially reinforced runway at Heathrow at 1.20pm.

With a wingspan of 79m, the Airbus A380 is by far and away the world's biggest plane. It can fly further, more cheaply and is sometimes more green than a Boeing 747, seating up to 840 economy passengers compared with a jumbo's 416, though most airlines favour the less environmentally friendly seating of 480.
Of course, nowhere in the story does it say what color Oprah's will be.


Anonymous said...

This blog has stolen the above image by 'hotlinking' it from another website. This is incredibly poor "netiquette" and is tantamount to stealing bandwidth.

OctaneBoy said...

I suppose the irony of the photo's URL including the word "freebies" is lost here:


I'll change the picture. Even though your version of netiquette is relative, the last thing I'd want to do is have anyone else discover your site by driving traffic to it.