04 May 2006

Of Cobblestones and Wellstone Signs

When you get into government, and become the government, you get to play government all day long.
Unless there's a crack in the usual (Democrat) majority on close votes like this, though, it looks like together they'll get a $72,000 break from the city. Typically, homeowners pay 25 percent of the cost of street-paving projects, based on the front-footage of their lot. But pavers cost $360 a linear foot to replace, while asphalt costs just $120. In other words, the Osceola homeowners -- whose average home value is $434,000 -- would be paying $90 a foot instead of $30. Councilmember (Smokey)Dave Thune, who represents the area, wants that brought down to $30. The difference for someone with a 50-foot lot would be $3,000.

According to numbers provided by (public works project director Lisa) Falk, charging those homoeowners $30 instead of $90 a square foot would cost the city more than $709,000 over the next dozen years.
If you aren't outraged, you aren't paying attention: Here's DFL screwheads making life grand for DFL screwheads on the backs of the city-wide tax base.

Hey, all you blue-state, hyper-concerned, Ward 1, progressive phonies, can us slobs come over and paint your all houses? Pretty please?


lefty said...

This from the same article you just quoted: "The city will replace 300 feet of sandstone pavers on a tony stretch of Osceola Avenue, home to several local power brokers including U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman." Looks like it's not all Wellstone signs...

OctaneBoy said...

True, Senator Coleman still owns a home there, but he's a unicorn in that part of Saint Paul, and wouldn't get a plug nickel in campaign contributions if he went door-to-door.

Coleman or not, it's the whole city's tax base subsidizing the precious cobblestones of a few who will reap the benefit when they sell their homes.