23 May 2006

Sorta Funny 'Cause Mostly True

It's no Onion, but Brushback is in the same vein:
“I've been following the Twins for years and I can't take that stupid Metrodome anymore. Now we’ll have a crisp, clean, pretty, open-air ballpark, which is going to look great on my new hi-def TV. Maybe I’ll go to a few games in person, too, if I win them from a radio station. Or maybe I’ll get a free ticket from my brother-in-law, who works for a corporation.”

“Yes, they’re using our tax dollars to pay for it, but it’s only .15 percent,” said fan Sean McCarty. “Plus, our tax money goes to stupider crap than that anyway. At least this is something that we want. You also have to remember that a new ballpark will create thousands – no, millions – of new jobs and result in an economic revival in the city that will make all of us stinking rich. Okay I’m exaggerating. It won’t do anything. But it will have a cool jumbotron.”

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