09 May 2006

I Wasn't Drunk, I Was Stoned

I was initially unmotivated to get into Patrick Kennedy and his screwed up life. After he crashed his car at 2:45 AM, nearly into a marked police car, this Capitol Hill non-factor was driven home limo-style (certainly nothing new for a Kennedy) instead of being subjected to a field sobriety test and /or arrest. He clearly got special treatment from Washington DC's police car drivers, and I let it go.

A day or so later, he went on to sanctimoniously claim that impaired and dangerous driving while hopped up on prescription drugs was just fine and essentially politically forgivable because, after all, it's not like he was driving in an impaired and dangerous manner while hopped up on Chivas Regal - like his old man. I still tried to resist.

Well I'm not sure where this story's legs will take it, but I've had it with Big Media, as usual, and these posts did catch my attention; first from Mark Levin:
You will hear commentator after commentator speaking sympathetically about Patrick Kennedy and his addiction to painkillers. You will hear people say that he is addicted, he has a serious health problem, he deserves to be praised for his forthrightness today, and we should leave him alone. And many of these commentators will be the same people who were giddy in their ceaseless attacks on Rush (Limbaugh). I am angry at the double standard, where liberals are regularly treated one way and conservatives another. I am also glad Patrick Kennedy won't be abused as Rush was. But you can be sure that the next conservative with a problem won't be treated like Kennedy.
Limbaugh doesn't need me in his corner, but neither is he an elected official, and you cannot miss this double standard served to us by those who tell us what the news is. The other post I saw was less serious.

8. Police will be briefed on where to drop off the various Kennedys

7. Bridge abutments will be reinforced

6. All women under 50 will be evacuated to Graham Arena

UPDATE: Hey there's another one I missed:
The Democratic Party needs to show it's different, that it's not a club of the elite taking care of the elite. Much as I feel for Congressman Kennedy, it's time for him for his own good and for the good of the Party, to resign with dignity.
OK, that's all the time I'm going to spend beating up on Patrick . . . that is, until I hear one more peep out of him for the rest of his life.

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