09 December 2005

Swept Under an Increasingly Lumpy Rug

More lawlessness in Minneapolis; what a shocker. Chad has the line I wish I wrote:
Now playing at Block E, the "entertainment" district in downtown Minneapolis, "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight." There was a shootout at the Block E underground parking garage, involving five suspects, two cars, and up to ten shots fired. Oh yeah, some crack was reportedly found in one of the cars too. Fortunately, the shooters weren't crack marksmen and no one was hurt.
Try searching the Minneapolis Star Tribune's website for this story. Just try to find it. Rambix, naturally, is all over it, with a video link.

This morning on a talk radio station the loud host brought up this story, along with another one about the increase in burglary and robbery in spendy, trendy Linden Hills. Some nitwit named Nancy called from Minneapolis to say perhaps the stupidest thing I've ever heard: She informed the loud host (who is a city-dweller, and adamantly prefers city life) that if he didn't like these events, he should move out of the city. What the hell? Stick your head in the sand and embrace and accept the current state of crime? Then she went further to say that there wouldn't be so much crime if "people didn't have so much money." There you have it; the voting public in the lefty-progressive theme park called Minneapolis.

While your looking for the mere existence of coverage of either of these stories in the Minneapolis paper, see if you can find any trace of MayorBoy.

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