29 December 2005

The Biz of Show Biz

You know, if they could just do something about the parking, the prices, the food, the sticky floors, the filthy bathrooms, the loathsome public masses, the crappy customer service and the teenage management, I'd probably see more movies in theaters. That being said, I have recently been out amongst the unwashed to see Good Night, and Good Luck, Walk the Line and Munich. I liked all three, but I'm a pretty easy sell when it comes to filmed entertainment. I generally think Hollywood is pretty diseased, but I'll throw it some dollars here and there.

Meanwhile, in other movie biz news, Mickey Kaus may be on to something (or not):

BoxOfficeMojo has no figures for how Brokeback Mountain did Tuesday, 12/27. According to the B.O.M. site, this means the movie's "studio is no longer tracking it on a daily basis." If this universal love story is capturing the hearts of mainstream America as Frank Rich said it would, Focus Features should want to tell us! (Do they actually not know the results? Or are they just clamming up?)

All I know is that if they're herding sheep, they ain't cowboys. Call it a gay shepherd movie. 'Cowboy' is a term describing what you do, not the hat you wear.

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