06 December 2005

Going on Record

Heat up the chair, California ; it's Tookie Time. Thankfully, we're in the last week of having to share Earth with this maggot, but it's big, big news in the Apologist/Moonbat crowd.

I just went through a 56 picture slideshow on Yahoo news. 56 photos of weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth by all the Hollywood phonies, Black Panther retreads, professionally compassionate, and usual guilt-addled suspects, and not a single photo or mention of the people who've had their lives destroyed by this trash.

Stanley Williams was convicted for murders of 4 people in 1979. Their names were Albert Owens, Yen-Yi Yang, Tsai-Shai Yang, and Ye-Chen Lin. You won't find their names anywhere in all this disgusting adulation for the Took-man. It's easy to forget reality when you're riding the horse of celebrity.

Williams executed Albert Owens with two close-range shotgun blasts while robbing a 7-11 on Whittier Boulevard in Pico Rivera. He got $120.00 out of that. About two weeks later, he killed three members of a family with shotgun blasts while robbing their motel on Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles. That got him about $100.00 more.

The celebrity worship/Big News/cool kids syndicate wants the governor to stay the execution. These empty vessels and "progressive" freaks love to play the race and class cards in calling for clemency for Williams, which only makes their words all the more ironic, that is, if they'd take time out of their busy public appearance schedules to consider the race and class of the victims who were blown to shreds 26 years ago.

In addition to his thorough resume of direct homocides, Williams also established the Crips street gang on the west side of Los Angeles. Take all the time you want, but there is no way to calculate all the death, tragedy, and mayhem created by this gangland scum and all the gangland scum that followed him.

I don't care if he's found Jesus. I don't care if he writes books for children. I don't care if he's repentant, and I certainly don't care if someone who played Williams in a movie thinks his muse should live on for consultation on a possible sequel. Those things do not bring back the murdered, nor do they erase or forgive the barbaric and racist actions of debris like Li'l Tookie.

Fry Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Fry him now.

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Dawn said...

I hope Arnold is getting Ol' Sparky fired up. This monster needs to pay for what he did, and pay now.