29 December 2005

Drop the Mouse; Fly the Plane

Jeremy Hermanns was on Alaska Airlines #536 yesterday when it suffered a hernia of the fuselage, lost cabin pressure, an made a hurry-up landing in Seatlle; all puppies and kittens survived.

He shot a couple of photos with his huge, silly phone, and wrote about the oredeal on his blog. He was looking closely at the comments made by readers, and noticed something funny:
Like I said–these just originated from an IP address registered to them according to my Wordpress comment logs; I don’t know if they’re from actual Alaska employees, or maybe just hackers using Alaska’s IP address. But according to my server logs and a simple WHOIS lookup, they all came from an IP address registered to Alaska Airline, Inc.
Stop surfing blogs and get back to the ticket counter.

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