20 December 2005

Lebanon Won't Die

"I carry the pen that has been damaged, not broken. Lebanon won't die. Freedom won't die."

That's from Nayla Tueni, daughter of Gerban Tueni, who vows to keep her father's voice alive. Gerban was a Lebanese journalist who wrote critically of the way Syria stomps on Lebanon on a daily basis. Gerban was assasinated by a car bomb last week. Imagine that.

A nice piece about Gerban Tueni in Time Magazine:
Tueni's eyes momentarily froze at the suggestion that his dogged pursuit was putting him at even greater risk. "That's what journalists have to do, get out the truth, isn't it?" he asked. He was trying to convince himself that the assassins wouldn't come looking for him in the end. He explained that the Syrians knew that he had been honest and consistent in his criticism, that he was no political opportunist. "Even among people in that regime, there is some kind of honor," he reassured me. That was Tueni's optimism for you.
I'm not holding by breath for the UN to either complete the paperwork to investigate Syrain assainations in Lebanon, or to actually do anything about it. God knows I'd like to have more faith in the UN, but they have never been more impotent.

Tip to Eugene Volokh

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flamer said...

Well we better get over there and do the UN's job for them, because, you know, that impotent organization sure didn't do anything about Saddam's WMD's!

By the way, I called the cops about you terrorising your neighbors and they said you weren't. But I KNOW better so I will be over with a bunch of friends to burn your house down tonight....

In the words of George Lucas..."We have become the Empire."