01 December 2005

Ms. Pelosi Channels Mr. Heinz

What's SanFranNan saying here? "I was for the immediate withdrawal of troops after I voted against it." Or is it "I voted against the immediate withdrawal of troops after I was for it." You decide:

WASHINGTON - House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday embraced a call by a prominent member of her rank-and-file to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq two weeks after she declined to endorse it.

Two weeks ago, (Rep. John) Murtha called for U.S. troops to begin returning home and said a complete pullout could be achieved in six months. At the time, Pelosi emphasized that Murtha spoke only for himself, and not for her or the Democratic caucus.

A day after Murtha's Nov. 17 announcement, Republicans sought to put the House on record rejecting immediate withdrawal and forced a vote just before adjourning for Thanksgiving break. Most in the minority party, including Pelosi and Murtha, voted against immediate withdrawal in what they said was a protest, making the tally 403-3 against it.
I sure hope the editors of the Congressional Record have spare backspace keys. Who can keep track of these notates, and who keeps voting for them?

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