18 December 2005

Not Currently Playing on Your Radio

No Numbers by The Howling Hex
Que Ondo Guera by The Mae Shi
The Hours by Gene Serene & John Downfall
Click by Simian Mobile Disco
Valse D'Ameile by Badi Assad
Galaxies by Laura Veirs
Bambi by Gus Gus (which is not a dirt bike manufacturer)
Song for Sunshine by Belle & Sebastian
Ungawa by Chow Nasty
The Message of Old by Ken Booth & Joe Higgs
Sherburne by The Alabama Sacred Heart Singers
and for the holidays, Christmas on Riverside Drive by August Darnell

But don't ask why you can't hear this stuff. Hell, you may not even like any of it, music being so subjective, but don't worry about ever having to decide for yourself. Terrestrial radio will save you from new music by feeding you the same, predictable, computer-generated, pre-chewed, pharmacy soundtrack to which you've become accustomed.

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