24 September 2005

Sidewalk Skies

Five days out of five this week on the bike. I hope my car forgives my daliances. September's been better than all right so far. Cooler and gray today; a pith of rain. Don't know if it's weather related, but there's lots of pigeons on my neighbor's roof. Some are pretty attratively colored. Too bad they're all just flying rats.

Tundra weather is nothing like the gloomy skies over Goodison Park. What's become of Everton? Going down to Wigan at home? I think that's eight losses out of the last nine played at home. It's hard to believe they qualified for European play. It's early, but that club is in flames.

Naturally, I'm only rubbing it in as I back the Other Side from Mersey, who drew with Birmingham City today at St. Andrews.

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