10 September 2005

It's Not Easy Being Green

File under "Wither further, Minneapolis:"
"Speaking on behalf of the poor and oppressed and generations to come is not always popular, but it is necessary," he said. "It is my life's work. It is my work as a public official. And it's work I intend to continue."
That's a nifty way to cower in plain sight.

Minneapolis City Council Member Dean Zimmermann took $7,200 cash in exchange for support on zoning changes, according to a federal affidavit filed Friday. The search warrant affidavit claims the FBI had probable cause to believe Zimmermann violated the law by accepting "bribes in exchange for official acts."In a June 6 conversation at a Minneapolis restaurant, the witness told Zimmermann he needed his vote. When the witness asked the council member what he needed, Zimmermann said, "money, money, money," the affidavit said.
Underdog no more, the Green Party has arrived now that they have the FBI on their backs.

Zimmerman's supporters said he would push ahead with his campaign. "I think it becomes a tougher race because it's hard to remove a cloud of suspicion over your head," said Lauren Maker, a campaign coordinator.

Jeez, ya think?

Let's see; that's 3 (perhaps) in 4 years: Council Member Brian Herron resigned, pleaded guilty, and did a year for extortion, and former Council Member Joe Biernat did 19 months for accepting free plumbing work from a union official.

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