24 September 2005

Elvis Has Entered the Building

Last year, near Halloween, this cat came to a Minnesota Wild game dressed as The King. He has the jumpsuit, the cape, the hair, the shades, chest hair, the whole smash. This year, the team has various fan phots on the tickets, and 'Elvis' made the cut. His picture was on the ticket for Thursday's game, and, since life imitates art, he wore the whole get up again to help cement his fame.

I was working over a Labatt with friends in the concourse when the great man came by, and he was good enough to autograph our tickets. I don't think he was surprised by our request as he was carrying his own Sharpie.


Anonymous said...

I got this bridge . . . and a thousands shares of Hudson Motor Company stock, I'd be willing to trade for those tickets.

OctaneBoy said...

Mmmmmm . . . Hudson.