13 September 2005


1. Best new band name: A Stockcar Named Desire.

2. Ever notice that the same people who are most loudly decrying the federal government's failed disaster relief efforts are largely the same people that want you to believe in federal government-provided health care.

3. The Louisiana Attorney General has charged the owners of a nursing home with 34 counts of negligent homicide for basically bailing out on the most vulnerable, leaving them to die alone. I'm sure Salvador and Mable will beat the wrap, since it was actually George W. Bush who killed everyone.

4. Texas is one of the states that issues separate 'truck' license plates, different somehow that passenger car plates. I saw a set of Texas truck plates the other day . . . on a Buick Rendezvous. Jesus H. Christ, that's just wrong for so many reasons.

5. Yee-ha! Champions League Group G results: Liverpool 2, Real Betis 1. The Reds first goal came at 2 minutes from Florent Sinima-Pongolle, who has the 2nd best name in the EPL, right behind Papa Bouba Diop .

6. Beautiful pictures of Germany, back in the good old days.

7. Money cannot buy you class: The head of Yahoo rats out a Chinese citizen, and another person goes to prison because his beliefs do not match those of the state. Roger Simon draws a very legitimate parallel, while the silence of the left is deafening.

8. It's pretty sad how the MainStreamMedia can only cover one story at a time. Once it was 24/7 rooting-on of the non-Iraqi insurgency , then it was 24/7 of the gourmet meal selection in Guantanamo Bay, now it's 24/7 of flooded New Orleans (what, it hit Mississippi too?), which is Bush's fault, since the Senate vetoed Kyoto 98-0. Hey, you Tee Vee News idiots, what's happening in North Korea? What the latest from Iran? Did you notice the crap in Northern Ireland? Did you see the Palestinians burning synagogues? How about Mark Messier hanging up the blades?

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