20 September 2005

Fiscal Oversight

Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo has a pretty interesting idea.

"Public corruption is a well-known problem in Louisiana," Tancredo wrote in his letter to (House Speaker Dennis) Hastert. "The head of the FBI in just this past year described the state's public corruption, as "epidemic, endemic and entrenched, No branch of government is exempt Over the last 30 years, a long list of Louisiana politicians have been convicted of crimes; the list includes a governor, an attorney general, an elections commissioner, an agricultural commissioner, three successive insurance commissioners, a congressman, a federal judge, a State Senate president, six other state legislators and a host of appointed officials, including local sheriffs, city councilmen and parish police jurors."

Small wonder that Tancredo states: "I am not confident that Louisiana officials can be trusted to administer federal relief aid."

Read it all. The sins of Louisiana politics are laid bare for all to see. I like the idea because it might be the only reigns of responsibility on the no-questions-asked cash orgy proposed by W.

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