12 September 2005

Mental Health Day

Since I had my shoulder to the wheel so late Friday (technically Saturday), my manager told me to take today off. So what's guy do on a rainy Monday? That's easy; drive 280 miles for lunch.

The above shot is what it looked like about 10:45 this morning somewhere near Pine City or Beroun. Spitting rain, warm and humid all the way to Duluth.

For the uninitiated, Duluth is old rust-belt; really cut from he same cloth as Cleveland, Detroit, Toledo and the like. It has glory years and old money in its past, and it has been grappling with a present since the mid-60's. It's still a big time inland port on a big time inland sea. It's long been a destination for me because it offers the most geological contrast to St. Paul in a 2-hour driving radius.

Back in the mid-80's, a group of friends and I were in Duluth for no real reason We were hungry, so we pinched the phone book in room 1212 of the Radisson for answers. We found what seemed to be the only Mexican food place in downtown, Hacienda Del Sol. I make t htere about 3 times a year, which isn't bad given the drive. It may not be the 'best' Mexican restaurant on Earth, but it's my favorite, and happily, the food is exactly the same as it was almost 20 years ago.

So, haul it up there, scarf down the Burrito de Chorizo, and speed home. Leave at 10:00, home by 4:00. Back to work Tuesday.

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