26 July 2005

Yet Another Thing Wrong With Bush.

He's so dang . . . fit:
Bush can bench-press 185 pounds five times, and, before a recent knee injury, he ran 3 miles at a 6-minute, 45-second pace. That's better than I could manage when I played two sports in high school. And I wasn't holding the most powerful office on Earth. Which is sort of my point: Does the leader of the free world need to attain that level of physical achievement?
This is so fantastically petty that I'm not even sure how best to harpoon it. I'm not sure which is sadder; Chait's obsession with the president's schedule, or the Minneapolis Star Tribune bending over so far backward to print anything and everything critical of Bush. Children name-calling on a playground, with apologies to children.

As with anything, put the shoe on the other foot: What if Bush was an overweight junk food nut who jogged half a block merely for a photo op; Chait and the Strib would be all over his cheese for that, too.

This is almost as bad as the Washington Post's fasion critic slaying John Roberts' wife and children for how the dressed on a very important day for the judge.


flamer said...

Frankly it's refreshing to see someone actually printing something in the MSM that doesn't just tow the republican line for once.
But, if you are going to go after the president, maybe you should focus on.. oh, i don't know... perhaps his lying to start a war. The implications of that are a little more serious than his fitness level.

OctaneBoy said...

I agree. Go after the president for policy and decisions. When Chait rips Bush for being in shape (or liking cowboy movies, or going to bed at 9, or crashing his mountain bike, etc.)it's as if there's nothing else to question, which is rediculous, and it comes off as petty.

flamer said...

Hey! We agreed!