21 July 2005

The Wrong Man or Woman For The Court.

You know that whether Bush nominated John Ashcroft, Dennis Kucinich, Sammy Sosa, Emeril Lagasse or Ernesto Guevara, there were thousands of press releases, filled with paragraph after paragraph of weeping and wailing, already staged in the feeder trays of the fax machines of single-issue PACs all over the lands. No matter the choice, it would be wrong, wrong, wrong.

Iowa Hawk helps fill in the blanks of some of those pre-made artilces of protest:
The Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment, and America needs to know whether __________ supports the GOP's secret plan of a Rush Limbaugh Jesus army of unwanted, unquestioning fetus zombies programmed to urinate on the Korans of Guantanamo detainees.
The whole thing is worthy of you time.

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