07 July 2005

Campaign Slogan du Jour.

In a July 5 commentary, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak tried to talk his way out of his administration's disastrous record on serious crime. While admitting a "recent spike in violent crime," he talked of "implementing plans, "deploying resources, "building new partnerships" and establishing a "Downtown Safety Zone initiative" -- all fine words.

Unfortunately, the fact is we are in far greater danger today in Minneapolis than we were before Rybak. In 2004, reported homicides were up nearly 23 percent. So far in 2005, reported homicides are already up 55 percent!

Rybak says people don't need to worry about getting shot in Minneapolis unless they are "involved in high-risk lifestyles." As Nick Coleman suggested, tell that to the 13-year-old who was wounded while sleeping in his south Minneapolis home. Or talk to the north Minneapolis resident whose home was hit by bullets while his family was watching TV in their living room.

Perhaps Rybak's campaign slogan should be "Lots of talk, few results."

Lawrence D. Gibson, Minneapolis.

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