19 July 2005

News From Anfield

Liverpool are back in action. They dispatched TNS 6-0 on aggregate in the very first round of the uniquely modified Champions League tournament:
Liverpool did not originally qualify for this year's tournament because it failed to finish among the top four in England's Premier League. After Liverpool won the Champions League final, UEFA said the club could defend the title but would have to start play in the first qualifying round, meaning it must play six games to reach the 32-team field for the first round.
Surprising to me, they are very close to landing Peter Crouch from Southampton, and are arrgesively shopping Milan Baros. I always thought Baros was Benitez' kind of player, but his numbers were poor for a striker, and with Cisse and Moritentes coming back to run with Crouch, Baros is clearly 4th, which is one too many.

New season, new faces, new away kit . . . Go you Reds!

UPDATE: The rich get richer - Chelsea sign Shaun Wright-Phillips from Manchester City.

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