13 July 2005

Watching the Dinosaurs Sink into the Tar Pit

NBC's Terry Moran fisked by James Taranto.

UPDATE: My bad; Moran works for ABC. Who can tell these TV people apart without a scorecard?


flamer said...

The trouble is, Wilson was right about the Niger document. Despite whether you believe his trip was engineered by his wife or not, his conclusions were not "chicanery." They were "fact" later buttressed by investigations completed by the US Ambassador in Niger, a Marine General working for the Pentagon and the IAEA.

OctaneBoy said...

Terry Moran and the bulk of the WH press corps don't care about what was in Niger, nor are they intersted in what Wilson's already lied about. They're just trying to play 'gotcha' with Bush, Rove, McClellen, etc., and it's not becoming of a journalist.

If Rove broke a law, lock him up, I don't care, we'll find out someday, but big media has got to stop taking its marching orders from the idiots that give us 'Desperate Housewives.' That's the point here.