15 June 2008

The Cable Guy

Here at Ravenscroft Dog Farm, we enjoy DirecTV's High Definition service, as opposed to the junk that the cable company tries to pump down the wire:
Although Comcast has been fairly headstrong about updating its HD offerings of late, the firm's Chief Financial Officer was caught making some fairly interesting remarks during a discussion at the annual Bear Stearns Media Conference in Florida. First off, the exec deemed Comcast's HD service "great," but did acknowledge that DirecTV did a "better job" of marketing its HD capabilities. Additionally, he proclaimed that even though the carrier is capable of tossing in upwards of 150 high-def channels (trimming down, are we?) into its lineup, "not every HD channel deserves to be in HD, and there are lots of HD channels that aren't watched very much." Yeah, we're curious to know the context of said statement, but still, we can't think of a single network -- boring or not -- that wouldn't at least look better if aired in high-definition.
Fool. Arond here, we demand Westminster in all its 1080 glory.

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