04 June 2008

Just Phoning it In

When you're in the information business, you might want to pause, you breathless losers, to make sure that you information is correct:

MSNBC - Not a night for decisions even when faced with the fact that out in Minneapolis, Barack Obama was making history.

Bloomberg - He has taken steps to solidify his position, rarely mentioning Clinton in his speeches and campaigning in states where the nominating contests already have passed. After spending yesterday in Michigan, Obama plans a rally tonight in Minneapolis, where the Republican Party will hold its convention in September.

Voice of America - Obama is planning a major address in Minneapolis, Minnesota, shortly before polls close in Montana and South Dakota.

Jewish Telegraph Agency - "Because of you I can stand here and say that I will be the Democratic nominee to be president of the United States of America," he told supporters in Minneapolis on Tuesday night, after the final primaries in Montana and South Dakota.

Sydney Morning Herald - In jubilant scenes at the Xcel Centre in Minneapolis-St Paul in the heart of America's Midwest, Senator Obama announced that he had won sufficient delegates and superdelegates to claim the nomination.

Huffington Post - Speaking on a conference call to preempt Barack Obama's appearance in Minneapolis, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty asserted that Clinton backers would find a natural affinity to McCain's experience, judgment and political leadership.

Kansas City Star - Barack Obama surely hasn't been briefed on Hillary Clinton's defiant non-concession speech. He's giving her a huge nod in his speech in Minneapolis.

Austin American Statesman - Meanwhile, Obama signaled the start of the general election with a rousing speech to cheering supporters in Minneapolis. It was no coincidence that he chose that city, the site of the Republican National Convention in September.

Montreal Gazette - In a bold move, Obama has scheduled a rally tomorrow night in Minneapolis at the site of the Republican national convention planned for September.

Bradenton Herald - "Tonight we mark the end of one historic journey and we begin another," he told his supporters in Minneapolis, site of the Republican national convention in September. "Because of you, I can stand here and said 'I will be the Democratic nominee for president."

It's like shooting fish in a barrel. All of these dumbasses are stupid, lazy or merely dismissive of fly-over land. None of the three are very becoming and they're clearly taking their audiences for granted.

By the way, this is not the first time MSNBC hasn't cared about where news is actually taking place.

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