10 June 2008

Another Pair for the Hammer

Meet the next two shitheads who have a date with great-uncle Walter's sixteen pound sledge:

Michael Anthony Lane Jr., 21, was charged Monday in Itasca County District Court with criminal vehicular homicide. Michael Anthony Lane Sr., 45, is charged with taking responsibility for criminal acts and aiding an offender.

Joseph Dewayne Olson, 57, of Grand Rapids was fatally injured in the accident shortly after midnight, according to the Grand Rapids Police Department.

The vehicle that hit Olson then hit another vehicle and fled the scene. Lane Jr. is accused of driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.21 percent, more than double the legal limit to drive. According to the criminal complaint, witnesses said the vehicle Lane was driving did not have its headlights illuminated.

Gonna be a hell of a Father's Day 'round the old Lane place, huh? You know, in better days, locals would take of this after hours and without the ponderous leagal procedures.

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