27 June 2008

Friday Road Test

Mrs. Octaneboy samples the 2008 BMW 750Li:

"It was big and comfy. It felt like we were riding in a luxury cruiser on the water. I loved the heated seats. The heat up so fast! (I don't get this part; it was 83 degrees and sunny today.) The seats were also cooled by a fan. The ride itself was very quiet. Conducive to good conversation."

"I did not like how the seats were controlled. I felt like there was a bar across my upper back that I couldn't get rid of. Also, the radio was rather difficult to control and tune in but, I suppose if I had a manual, I could have figured it out."

"It sure was a fun thing to do on a Friday afternoon with my sweetie."

There you have it - objective as you'll get. Oh yea; MSPR is $79,900.00.

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