02 June 2008

It's a Party; Cry if You Want to.

Sounds like a real hoot at the ol' Marriott.
The chaos and vitriol seemed to confirm Democrats' fears that they might blow an election that should otherwise be an easy victory for them. Nor did the compromise fit well with the Democrats' oft-voiced commitment to voting rights. They decided they would give Florida and Michigan half of their voting rights -- one of the more arbitrary compromises since the 1787 decision that a slave should count as three-fifths of a person -- and voted to award Obama 59 Michigan delegates, each with half a vote, even though his name wasn't even on the ballot in the state.

Gold-colored ropes (along with some hired DNC muscle) kept the public and the press at a distance from the committee members. "We are strong enough to struggle and disagree and to even be angry and disappointed and still come together at the end of the day and be united," Dean told his troops. But not this day.
This manner of chaos is to be expected from a party that is poised to ignore the popular vote from state primaries (the votes of its own people!) in order to endorse the brighter, shinier thing. And don't get me started about the Democrat invention that is the super delegate; could there be anything more elitist and exclusionary?

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Sornie said...

If the Democrats don't get together on this issue alone, they are handing the general election to Gramps.