16 February 2008

Tough Love

After such humiliation at Anfiled today, I'm now hoping that Liverpool finish fifth in the table and no higher.

Heresey you say? Maybe, but it's time to get the train back on track. The Reds have too much going on and it's costing them their focus. By finishing out of the top four, they won't have to sweat the Champions League ties next season and can concetrate on the Premier League, which should always be the prize.

Sure the Carling Cup is cute, and the format of the FA Cup is too pure to question, but if Liverpool are going to only back in to the last 16 of the Champions League and then clank out of Carling Cup and FA cup contests in England, then they have too much on their plate.

Maybe the shame of fininshing behind Everton will make them approach next season with a bit more urgency. Yea, there's a dozen more Premiership matches to play this season, but after dropping recent matches to Reading and West Ham and drawing with Boro, Villa and Wigan, there's no point in being too optimistic about fixtures versus mid- and low-table opponents.

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