23 February 2008

No Mas

File this one under the heading of "Things a Permissive Society Permits:"
Who is Alianiss Nunez Morales? According to U.S. immigration officials, not the same woman who crashed her van into a bus Tuesday and killed four students near Cottonwood, Minn. Tim Counts, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman, said agency investigators believe the woman was in the United States illegally and not using her true identity.
Felony vehicular homicide, no license, false identification and do you think there's any auto insurance of any sort? I tell ya - the hits just keep on coming with this one.

Counts said the van driver told investigators she was from Mexico, but little else. "She was minimally helpful to our agents," he said.
So now you know that when her lawyer says she has great remorse for what happened, that's just phony lawyerspeak. Did you catch the part of the story where she claims the bus hit her? The crash damage is on the side of the bus and the front of her van. She's so full of crap she doesn't know which end is up.
A May 2006 traffic ticket issued to an Alianiss Morales in Montevideo describes a woman who "looks like she does not know how to drive" maneuvering through a lawn. An officer issued her a ticket for not having a driver's license.
And then what, she drove away across the lawn?

This week I came from my annual date with my tax man. The news at the end of the meeting was that we have to cough up well over a thousand more dollars than what we already paid in calendar 2007. I guess giving over 30% of what we earn to the government just isn't enough.

If we're supposed to throw more money in the pot, I sure hope it stops going to underwrite law enforcement and court systems that don't remove dangerous and irresponsible drivers from the road. I don't like paying for such ineffectiveness.

I hope our tax money stops going to worthless state agencies that cowardly hide behind a curtain of data privacy, obfuscating the reasons why this woman was in the country, why she had a state-issued identification card filled with bogus information and who she was or was not working for. I'm done paying for that crap, too.

I wish less and less of my tax money would go to governing bodies that actively discourage local police from making any inquisition about immigration status even after a crime is committed and a suspect is charged, all because touchy-feely mayors have it in for the president of the United States. I loathe underwriting such wilful misuse of government authority.

This isn't about hating Mexicans. This is about identifying and isolating those whose very first act upon arriving in this nation is to break our laws. If nothing changes as a result of this horrible crime that resulted in four deaths, than it proves that here, in Minnesota, we'd rather sacrifice our own children than risk being tagged as xenophobic.

UPDATE: So Morales, or (all together now) whoever she is, had been already cited once for driving without a license, here's someone else that's been cited 14 times for driving without a license. He also killed someone with his car but, since we're too afraid of what others will think of us nice, kind, thoughtful, loving rubes who dole out massive social benefits to anyone with a pulse, we just keep turning criminals like him loose to kill more people on the streets.
St. Paul police Senior Cmdr. Gregory Pye said misdemeanor charges of driving after revocation aren't much of a deterrent to keeping unlicensed drivers off the road. Pye said he'd like to see officers be able to take a vehicle away from an unlicensed, uninsured driver. He'd also like to see an increased effort to recoup fines by withholding tax refunds, rebates or benefits.
Pye is suggesting that there should be consequences for people who break the law, and tomorrow some letter to the editor will brand him a racist.

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