03 February 2008

Another Day in Paradise

I sure hope no one ever meddles with the status quo in Utopia.

Last week, the government shut down Iran's most important feminist magazine, which had been published for 16 years. The authorities also arrested a small group of students after a protest at Tehran University over poor conditions in their dormitory. In the middle of a snowy, icy winter, women have been arrested for not wearing proper Islamic clothing. Hats over head scarves, boots over pants, can bring trouble.

"Their harsh reaction to everything shows they feel very vulnerable," said Morad Saghafi, a philosopher and writer in Tehran. "They arrest 10 students because they think, if they don't, 100 will come. Yes, they feel vulnerable."

"The present government, similar to any other government, has certain shortcomings which should be mentioned sympathetically," (Ayatollah Ali Khamenei) said recently before warning critics not to go overboard.
Hell, why go overboard. Sounds like a magnificent place.

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