07 February 2008

Coldest Global Warming in a Long Time

Compiled by Gateway Pundit:
Bangladesh, with 134 deaths, is the worst affected. The northern Dinajpur and Rangpur regions, close to the Himalayan foothills, are facing the coldest winter in recent years. In Nepal, the toll is nearly 50, with the temperatures well below the normal mid-20s for this time of the year. Parts of Pakistan, where at least 16 people have died, have recorded their lowest temperatures in more than 70 years. Temperatures have fallen as low as minus 14 degrees in northern areas. In India, the toll has crossed 60. Millions of Chinese began the New Year on Wednesday without power after more than a week of fierce winter weather, making it China's coldest winter in 100 years.
Looks like Groundhog Al, who will not come out of his hole unless a first-class ticket on a jumbo jet is involved, will be sitting this one out. Anyway, it's not like anyone is going to politicize the weather, right?


flamer said...

Global Warming Global Warming!!! Tax the Carbon to stop the Global Warm... what's that? Temp's going down?
Tax the ice! Tax the ice!!!

LessLawn said...

global warming = an inaccuracy born of our "sound bite" culture. global climate change = attempted more accurate (but less catchy) sound bite. it's all about extremes and degrading relative stability, gentlemen...