09 September 2006

The One-Way-Street Conspiracy

Free-market economics are the perfect self-regulator. Supply and demand make prices rise and fall and the market ebbs and flows, and while it's not always predictable, it's always explainable after the fact.

Except for oil.
All of these facts notwithstanding, we will continue to be plagued by myths that gas prices are somehow capriciously and artificially set by businesspeople bound and determined to rob consumers of their hard-earned dollars so these self-same capitalists can line their filthy pockets. But the merest bit of Googling brings up excellent rejoinders demolishing these myths.
I guess when the price goes up, it's Big Oil Industry Collusion. When the price goes down, it's on page 14 of the B-section. Yuo really can't blame CNN and otehr Big Media for not reporting on this stuff; what with Paris Hilton's DUI, Tom and Katie's baby pictures and where to dine with your dog. I mean, when WOULD they find the time?

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