14 September 2006

For No Real Reason

Sorry for the People Magazine-ness of this, but let's go after someone famous for being a tool in public.

"She expected the staff to be informed of all her idiosyncratic requirements. She once snapped at me for continuing to hold the door open for her husband after she walked into the restaurant. She also got angry with the busboys for giving her a fish fork for her fish, because she thinks they're too small and difficult to use. She acted like a total bitch every time."

Ephron, reached in San Francisco, where she is promoting her book, I Feel Bad About My Neck,(I'm sure it's packed with laughs) acknowledged she is frequently dissatisfied with the service at restaurants.

Some say you can tell a lot about people about how they treat, animals, kids and old people. For me, you can tell all you need to know about someone by how they treat the waiter/waitress.

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