20 September 2006

One Norwegian Can Make a Difference

Powerline found this gem in the New York Times:
Sweden may be too far gone for it to matter, but its ruling Social Democrats suffered a rare defeat today, and a new government will be formed by the Moderates. The New York Times expresses the problem that gave rise to the upheaval with characteristic delicacy, where such matters are concerned:

Magnus Rosander, a 44-year-old computer engineer who said he had a nervous breakdown after losing his job four years ago and had not worked since, said he had voted for the Social Democrats and was worried about what would happen under the Moderates.

"I'm dependent on social welfare," Mr. Rosander said outside a subway station in central Stockholm. "If Fredrik Reinfeldt wins, we will get less money and he will force me to work even though my doctor says I'm not ready yet.
It's a good lesson for the ironically-named Progressives that try to make the United States emulate collectivist Scandinavia whenever possible.

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