02 September 2006

Forty Grand, Two Hundred Bucks; What's the Diff?

It's all just pocket change to some folks who want to run your life. And lie about it along the way.
Entenza said he paid only a "couple of hundred dollars" for his research on Hatch. He said some research the firm conducted, including an investigation of a Hatch parking ticket, went beyond anything he authorized. On Friday, Entenza filed an amended campaign finance report, disclosing that he paid the $40,000 to Gragert Research, the Chicago company that conducted the research.

In a four-paragraph statement, Entenza apologized to Minnesotans for not being forthcoming. "I made a mistake in the handling and the release of information to the public regarding the research," he said, "and I apologize for that mistake and take full responsibility. … Once the research became public, I should have been more forthcoming and open about it. For that, I am very sorry."
This is so understandable. I tired to pay a twenty-buck pub tab the other day, and left four thousand dollars on the table by accident. I didn't even notice!

What's funny about Matt Entenza is that he screwed up so bad and so early, he never even got a chance to buy the election.

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